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Black Cat Radio is proof that dreams really can come true. At the age of 15 school boy Tony Gillham created the country’s first community radio station by wiring up his neighbours fences by a length of cable so he could broadcast local news, information and music. Fast forward 40 years and the much-respected local radio broadcaster has realised his dream of creating a real-life community radio station in St Neots. At seven minutes past seven, on July 7 2007 Tony and a team of fellow radio enthusiasts began broadcasting online under the curious name of Black Cat Radio - the rather unique moniker giving a nod to the famous Black Cat Roundabout down the road from St Neots on the A1. Run by Tony and a team of dedicated volunteers the station soon embedded itself in the heart of the community. Such was the quality of programming that the town council soon got involved and the station secured much-needed sponsorship from local businesses who were queuing up to advertise on the station.