• Modern Myth[ChristianIndustrial.net]

    Human 2.7

  • Close Your Eyes (Crazy FX Remix)[ChristianIndustrial.net]

    Silent Auction

  • Burning Kisses[ChristianIndustrial.net]

    Bitter Grace

  • Staring Down a Black Hole[ChristianIndustrial.net]

    Starry Eyed Wonder

  • Doubting (Rob

    Pivot Clowj

  • Behold a Pale Horse[ChristianIndustrial.net]

    Saviour Machine

  • Disco for a Ride[ChristianIndustrial.net]

    Joy Electric

  • b4 Sentinal_Extended[ChristianIndustrial.net]

    Cast the Sky

  • between the suns[ChristianIndustrial.net]

    Counterfeit I

  • Requiem[ChristianIndustrial.net]

    Untitled, The Void