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The FM channel in the three major cities (Islamabad‚ Lahore‚ Karachi) was named FM 101‚ and it started operating with a facelift from October 1‚ 1998. Youthful presenters with friendly style were engaged and the phone-in facility was made available to the listeners. The transmission hours were also increased so that the channel now remains on the air daily from 6 in the morning till 4:00 am. FM 101 is now operating for 24 hours transmission daily from 9 stations at Islamabad‚ Lahore‚ Karachi‚ Peshawar‚ Quetta‚ Faisalabad‚ Sialkot‚Hyderabad and Multan. At presents FM 101 channel is the biggest FM channel of Pakistan broadcasting 216 Hours transmission per day from 9 stations. FM 101 Multan has been launched on 1st October 2010.