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  • Different

    Amycanbe (ITALY)

  • Remember

    Vintage Blue

  • I Feel Awake

    Hannah Gill

  • Misinformed, My Love And Me

    Esther (NEW ZEALAND)

  • Shining Star (Produced and Written by Esther Mitchell/Andy Bird/Darren Poole)

    Esther (NEW ZEALAND)

  • Sunny All Over The World (Produced by Three Minute Monsters, Written by Chiecuto/Davidson/Krapf)

    Three Minute Monsters (USA)

  • Everyone We Know Is Queer (Produced by Lunarians and Written by Simon Baker and Jody England)

    Lunarians (Bristol, United Kingdom)

  • Story of a Man

    Hannah Gill

  • Free Ass (Produced and Written by Love X Stereo)

    Love X Stereo (Seoul, KOREA)

  • Your Somebody (Produced and Written by Hannah Madison Taylor)

    HMT (California, USA)