SomaFM: Earwaves

The history of electronic and experimental music from the early pioneers to the latest innovators.

  • 1-01 December Dance

    University Of St. Thomas Symphonic Wind Ensemble & Matthew George

  • La Partition du Ciel et de l'Enfer- 1989- flauta, 2 pianos, ens

    Philippe Manoury

  • Dirk Serries: Disorientation Flow (excerpt)

    Dirk Serries

  • Claude

    Jean Risset

  • 24 Polyphonic interlude (J.S. Bach)

    Jeremy Gill

  • Tubanator 5

    Mark Weaver

  • Mantra (Two Pianos and Ring Modulation) (Part 20)

    Karlheinz Stockhausen

  • Disconnect

    Greg Dixon

  • Computer Suite from Little Boy, IV.

    Jean-Claude Risset

  • Opalescent

    Marc Barreca