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WFIL is a radio station and a former television station serving the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Its transmitter is located in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania. Located at 560 on the AM dial, WFIL is immediately adjacent to New York City's WMCA (at 570), and the two stations have similar histories: both were Top 40 stations in the 1960s, both underwent a format evolution as AM radio faded as a music medium, and both have a Christian/religious format today. WFIL and WMCA are both 5,000 watt radio stations, but each one puts less than 5 kW of power in the specific direction of the other, because they are located next to each other on the dial, and are not allowed, by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), to interfere with each other. Both stations also maintained Call For Action telephone help lines, being among the first radio stations in the United States to do so. The telephone number of WFIL's Call For Action line was GReenwood 7-5312.