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  • Logo of the podcast Una Cosa Más

    Una Cosa Más

    Una Cosa Más es el programa semanal de Podstar.FM sobre el mundo de la tecnología, centrada en Apple. Noticias, análisis, curiosidades y recomendaciones de la mano de Pedro Aznar y C.J. Navas

  • Logo of the podcast Programming Throwdown

    Programming Throwdown

    Programming Throwdown attempt to educate Computer Scientists and Software Engineers on a cavalcade of programming and tech topics. Every show will cover a new programming language, so listeners will be able to speak intelligently about any programming language.

  • Logo of the podcast WSJ Tech News Briefing

    WSJ Tech News Briefing

    Get the latest in technology news for your weekday commute. Wall Street Journal reporters join Tanya Bustos to cover leading companies, new gadgets, consumer trends and cyber issues. From San Francisco to New York to the hottest conferences, our journalists help you stay plugged in.

  • Logo of the podcast Yes Was Podcast

    Yes Was Podcast

    Yes Was Podcast to dwóch przystojnych gentlemanów, którzy co tydzień opowiadają o tym, co dzieje się w świecie nowych technologii, starając się go przybliżyć każdemu w prosty, przyjemny sposób. Jeden z najbardziej dynamicznych debiutów na polskiej scenie podcastowej – już po dwóch odcinkach znalazł się na pierwszym miejscu w kategorii Podcasty jako „New & Noteworthy” i ma już stałe grono słuchaczy.

  • Logo of the podcast apfelklatsch


    ANZEIGE / WERBUNG Wir bedanken uns bei den Herstellern für die Bereitstellung der Produkte für diesen Podcast.

  • Logo of the podcast Risky Business

    Risky Business

    Risky Business is a weekly information security podcast featuring news and in-depth interviews with industry luminaries. Launched in February 2007, Risky Business is a must-listen digest for information security pros. With a running time of approximately 50-60 minutes, Risky Business is pacy; a security podcast without the waffle.

  • Logo of the podcast Säkerhetssnack


    En pod om IT-säkerhet. Christoffer och Olle pratar högt och lågt, med kärlek för det tekniska, om säkerhetsläget. Nyheter, utmaningar samt tips och råd. Så lyssna in och vässa dina kunskaper om säkerhet i cyberrymden.

  • Logo of the podcast Blockchain Innovation: Interviewing The Brightest Minds In Blockchain

    Blockchain Innovation: Interviewing The Brightest Minds In Blockchain

    Frederick Munawa here. I’m a Blockchain Consultant for entrepreneurs and financial services firms. Blockchain Innovation is where I interview the brightest minds in Blockchain and cryptocurrency – entrepreneurs, executives, and top academics – to discuss present and future applications of Blockchain Technology. Why? To determine how Blockchain can be used to increase profits, cut costs, and disrupt traditional industries and business models – so you can borrow their strategies, tools, and tactics for your own success. Join me every Tuesday to learn how the brightest minds in Blockchain are pushing the envelope with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) & crowdsales, public blockchains, private blockchains, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, smart contracts, and much more.

  • Logo of the podcast ConferenceCast


    ConferenceCast was started by Emily Richards of Conference Room Systems with the intention of informing the industry on great AV Companies and technology. ConferenceCast places a specific focus on video conferencing, live streaming, and professional enterprise technologies. Learn more about CRS here: Read podcast transcripts and find links mentioned in episodes here: Meet your host on Linkedin here:

  • Logo of the podcast Dans la Poche

    Dans la Poche

    Peut-on créer du contenu sans s'encombrer ? Quelles sont les habitudes de notre vie numérique ? Il existe aujourd'hui de nombreux outils compacts et simple d'utilisation pour travailler ou se divertir. Nous allons les découvrir ensemble.

  • Logo of the podcast Data Skeptic

    Data Skeptic

    The Data Skeptic Podcast features interviews and discussion of topics related to data science, statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and the like, all from the perspective of applying critical thinking and the scientific method to evaluate the veracity of claims and efficacy of approaches.

  • Logo of the podcast De Wereld Van Morgen Podcast

    De Wereld Van Morgen Podcast

    De Wereld Van Morgen gaat over innovatie en verandering. Gehost door Nick Kiran en Lorenzo van Galen. We verdiepen ons in welke veranderingen technologie in business modellen, gedrag en andere maatschappelijke verschuivingen teweeg brengt.

  • Logo of the podcast Caffè Design

    Caffè Design

    Caffe Design, un podcast di tre designer al bar.

  • Logo of the podcast #GeekTalk Podcast - ALLE Kategorien des Podcasts

    #GeekTalk Podcast - ALLE Kategorien des Podcasts

    #GeekTalk - der europäische Tech-Podcast zu finden auf In diesem Kanal findet ihr all unsere Kategorien gesammelt in einem Feed. Mehr über den #GeekTalk, das Team dahinter, sowie die Links zu den separaten Feeds findet ihr auf unserem Blog Der #GeekTalk ist ein Podcast Projekt vom @pokipsie Network

  • Logo of the podcast Generació digital

    Generació digital

    Albert Murillo té clar que això de la tecnologia no va només d'agafar un comandament, prèmer botonets i jugar i jugar fins a acabar les piles! El "Generació digital" t'ho demostra cada setmana: la tecnologia és oci, però també cultura. Tens preguntes? Els experts del programa, la Gina Tost, el Francesc Xavier Blasco, l'Albert Garcia, el Xavier Serrano i l'S.T.A.R, te les responen totes.

  • Logo of the podcast hr-iNFO Netzwelt

    hr-iNFO Netzwelt

    Smartphones und Big Data - aktuelle Trends und Hintergründe aus der digitalen Welt

  • Logo of the podcast

    In de podcast hoor je alles over de nieuwste ontwikkelingen rondom Apple. We vertellen over onze ervaringen, welke producten we de afgelopen tijd getest hebben en wat we vinden van de belangrijke gebeurtenissen die in het nieuws zijn. Zo ben je in een keer weer bij!

  • Logo of the podcast Kodsnack


    Kodsnack är ett poddradioprogram på svenska om utveckling, kodknackande och allt som hör därtill. Kodsnack drivs av Kristoffer Grönlund, Fredrik Björeman och Tobias Hieta

  • Logo of the podcast L'intelligence artificielle pour le Business

    L'intelligence artificielle pour le Business

    1er podcast français sur l’intelligence artificielle en entreprise

  • Logo of the podcast La minute informatique de France Bleu Berry

    La minute informatique de France Bleu Berry

    Nathalie Gallois nous donne quelques conseils en informatique.