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    Chaque mois, retrouvez quatre chroniqueurs pour faire le tour de l'actualité eSport : résultats, analyses, débats, avec Battlegrounds, vous serez incollables sur l'univers des sports électroniques.

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    Le rendez-vous Jeux

    Le rendez-vous Jeux c'est l'actu du jeu vidéo, de l'industrie aux dernières sorties - PC, Consoles, Mobiles et plus !

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    Silence, on joue

    LibéLabo - Silence, on joue

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    Esport Talk

    You are interested in esports and awesome talks? Then, “Esport-Talk” is just the right place for you! The project was launched by Martin Schenk and Phillip Kretzschmar in early 2016 and has enthralled the masses ever since. In two podcasts per week (on Monday in English, on Thursdays in German), our bilingual host Martin welcomes everybody who is anybody in esports. Thanks to his impeccable Austrian charm he is able to draw the hottest news from our guests and infotain you. Our interview partners come from many various competitive games such as LoL, Dota 2, CS:GO and others. Their relevance for esports is only surpassed by their exorbitant professional competence. We’ll bring you the whole world of electronic sports right into your headphones!

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    Jeux vidéo

    Chaque dimanche, Jean Zeid analyse les jeux vidéo comme consommation familiale, détaille les nouveautés, explique les codes et aide à bien choisir.

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    TechCraft, une émission de divertissement Technologique & vidéo-ludique. Un savant mélange de High Tech, de jeux vidéo & de Fun!

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    Le podcast de ZQSD

    ZQSD, c'est le podcast aussi improbable que mensuel des gens qui ont coulé Joystick. Il y est question de pangolins, de culture avec un "c" minuscule, et, les bons jours, de jeux vidéo.

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    Esports Today

    Every week, esports writers and professional journalists Andrew Groen and Rob Zacny bring you up to speed on the latest in competitive gaming, breaking down the week's most crucial news and events. Andrew and Rob help you you follow the world of esports—without making it a full-time job.

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    ESPN's ESPORTS team explores the latest news, results and events from around the world.

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    The Angry Chicken: A Hearthstone Podcast

    The Angry Chicken is a podcast that cracks 40 packs, throws down a 1/1 chicken w/ a +5 Enrage, all the while keeping you up to date on everything going on in the world of Hearthstone . Each week the latest news, strategies, crazy game stories and your emails are covered. Garrett Weinzierl (StarCast) and William "Dills" Gregory (The Instance), and Jocelyn Moffett (The Gamers' Inn) together host The Angry Chicken.

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    The OverView - Overwatch Podcast

    The OverView is a weekly podcast hosted by ChanManV, Fishstix, and ZP all about the Blizzard game Overwatch. They cover all the latest game news, esport news, and strategies in the game each week and often invite notable pro players and personalities from the Overwatch community. If you're looking for tips mixed with entertainment, this podcast is the one for you!

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    The Premier eSports Gaming Radio

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    Overwatchers - Overwatch Podcast

    Overwatchers is a weekly podcast hosted by ChanManV and Patrick Beja all about the video game Overwatch. If you're looking for tips and funny Overwatch stories you can relate to, this is the place for you! We also cover the latest community news and frequently have notable guests from the Overwach community. Come check out the podcast and find your inner Hanzo!