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  • Logo of the podcast RTÉ Lyric FM - Movies and Musicals

    RTÉ Lyric FM - Movies and Musicals

    Celebrity interviews, all the latest movie news and trivia

  • Logo of the podcast Newstalk - The Picture Show with Philip Molloy

    Newstalk - The Picture Show with Philip Molloy

    The Picture show is a brand new movie programme presented by the Right Hook film critic Philip Molloy.

  • Logo of the podcast 98 FM - 98FM's Showbiz Show

    98 FM - 98FM's Showbiz Show

    Its the biggest entertainment show in Dublin - The Showbiz Show. Join 98FM's Gossip Girl Siobhan O'Connor every Sunday morning from 10am for the best Movies, Music, Gossip and More! Meet the biggest stars from the world of Music and Movies, new Irish Bands. Catch up on the latest soap and TV News with TV Now Magazine. Plus win exclusive prizes and movie goodies every weekend!

  • Logo of the podcast Newstalk - Highlights from The Green Room

    Newstalk - Highlights from The Green Room

    Orla Barry brings you behind the scenes of the world of entertainment and popular culture with lively, no-nonsense debate on the arts, movies, intervi

  • Logo of the podcast Newstalk - Movies on The Right Hook

    Newstalk - Movies on The Right Hook

    Join George Hook and Philip Molloy on Wednesdays at 18.30 to discuss everything cinematic, from the latest releases to reminiscing on the classics. ww

  • Logo of the podcast RAC1 Podcast: EL MON A RAC1

    RAC1 Podcast: EL MON A RAC1

    El món a RAC1 obre la nova temporada amb un grapat de novetats. D’entre elles, la col·laboració del periodista José María García, que torna a la ràdio de la mà de RAC1 amb una conversa mensual on repassarà l’actualitat amb Jordi Basté.

  • Logo of the podcast Zone 52

    Zone 52

    Ciné, séries, comics et culture en vrac : Bienvenue dans la Zone 52 !

  • Logo of the podcast Hunger Games Fan Podcast

    Hunger Games Fan Podcast

    Join The Community!

  • Logo of the podcast Comic Book Podcast Comic Book Podcast

    The Comic Book Podcast is a weekly talk show discussing the best in current comic books. Ron, Conor and Josh will share what they loved and hated about the week's comics. With a deep, sometimes scary knowledge of the depths and intricacies of pop culture and the geek lifestyle, the conversations can spin off in many directions. While comics, graphic novels and trade paperbacks are the center of the iFanboy universe, the discussion often covers the video games, movies and TV shows which will capture the fancy of your regular comic book reader. Fun, intelligent, witty and entertaining, the iFanboy crew are just as likely to agree as argue about what's good and what's bad in superhero comics, indie comics, humorous comics, and important graphic novels as well as the creators, writers and artists behind them.

  • Logo of the podcast Il Cinema alla Radio

    Il Cinema alla Radio

    Il Cinema alla Radio Hollywoodparty

  • Logo of the podcast Inside Movies and TV

    Inside Movies and TV

    The latest news and insight into the world of film and television

  • Logo of the podcast RTBF La Première - Entrez sans frapper

    RTBF La Première - Entrez sans frapper

    Pour le plaisir de partager des idées, Jérôme Colin et Xavier Vanbuggenhout vous invitent à pointer chaque jour ce qui fait l’actualité culturelle et médiatique, le débat, la polémique. Bref, tout ce qui pose question et provoque de belles émotions. Autour d’eux en studio, une équipe de journalistes francs-tireurs. En toute décontraction et une pointe de tension (on est sur La Première, et les vraies questions, on va les poser !), c’est donc une toute nouvelle équipe qui vous donne rendez-vous chaque jour entre 9 et 11h pour le magazine ‘culture, média et tendances’ de La Première. Chaque jour, deux temps forts : l’invité et le " dossier ".

  • Logo of the podcast RTL - Hollywood Reporter

    RTL - Hollywood Reporter

    D'Aktualitéit aus der Dramwelt, kommentéiert vum Lokal Korrespondent Pit Biwer aus Los Angeles

  • Logo of the podcast Schlaflos in München täglich

    Schlaflos in München täglich

    Schlaflos in München täglich

  • Logo of the podcast Rete Due - Domani è un altro giorno

    Rete Due - Domani è un altro giorno

    Magazine settimanale consacrato agli spettacoli - il cui titolo richiama una delle pellicole cinematografiche più celebri, Via col Vento - invita gli ascoltatori a pensare al cartellone del week- end e a programmare gli appuntamenti cui partecipare in prima persona. Dinamico, leggero, ma ricco di informazioni e di opinioni, mira a diventare un punto di riferimento per l’agenda degli spettacoli della Svizzera Italiana. Si occuperà di teatro, di concerti, di cinema, e lo farà con un taglio assolutamente non neutrale: l’intento è di proporre analisi e opinioni ben profilate, di consigliare e sconsigliare. Il tutto garantendo naturalmente, sull’arco dell’anno, pluralità di giudizi. Sentiremo stroncature, plausi, dubbi, promozioni a pieni voti e bocciature.

  • Logo of the podcast Brazil - Couleur3

    Brazil - Couleur3

    Avec Brazil faites le tour de l’actualité du 7e art. Critiques, thématiques, dossiers, portraits de vedettes, compte-rendus de festival et reportages sur des tournages. Fichiers audio disponibles durant 30 jour(s) après diffusion.

  • Logo of the podcast TV Ate My Dinner

    TV Ate My Dinner

    The podcast that brings you the finest in opiniontainment when it comes to movies, TV and media issues. It could also mean the difference between living and dying if you ever find yoursel

  • Logo of the podcast Twilight Saga Podcast - Twilight - New Moon - Eclipse - Breaking Dawn

    Twilight Saga Podcast - Twilight - New Moon - Eclipse - Breaking Dawn

    Stephane was first introduced to the Twilight Saga back in Spring of 2009 when she saw the first movie, Twilight. While on Spring Break holiday, Stephanie borrowed all the books from her sister and ended up reading all four of them within five days. She was hooked and has read the complete series a total of six times.

  • Logo of the podcast SF bi de Lüt

    SF bi de Lüt

    Schweizer Fernsehen - Video, News, Sport, Wetter, Filme, Serien

  • Logo of the podcast Actu Ciné