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  • Logo of radio station Bisrat FM 101.1

    Bisrat FM 101.1

    Bisrat FM 101.1 is a radio station established by Oyaya Multimedia. Journalist Messele Mengistu, is the owner of Oyaya Multimedia and who remained in the hearts of the Ethiopian radio listeners for the past 5 years, has just realized his long time dream after much effort. We have become the successful bidder in the recently bid floated by the Ethiopian Broadcast Authority and we managed to top the bidding list reach to this level of success. The core objective of Bisrat FM 101.1 is to fill the information gap in Ethiopia in the sphere of education, health, sport, entertainment, science and other social affairs. We are now in the process of broadcasting our transmission within Addis Ababa and its surrounding towns and to the entire world through live streaming. Our vision is far reaching. We will break good news to the people of Ethiopia sharing their sentiment of happiness and information.

  • Logo of radio station Radio Xoriyo

    Radio Xoriyo

    waa bogga u adeegi doona haduu ilahay yirahdo wakaalada wararka ee ogadenya.

  • Logo of radio station Sheger 102.1 FM

    Sheger 102.1 FM

    SHEGER FM 102.1 'yenanetew radio' is the first private radio station in Ethiopia. we are proud to be Ethiopians...and we love our country more than anything! An 18 hour all day broadcasting of news, features, programs and music.

  • Logo of radio station Zami 90.7 FM

    Zami 90.7 FM

    The Voice of the difference