Radio stations and podcasts from around the world graded by countries

  • Logo of radio station Advent Hour

    Advent Hour

    Transmitting The Word

  • Logo of radio station Branch FM

    Branch FM

    Radio for Life!

  • Logo of radio station Cross Rhythms 101.8 FM

    Cross Rhythms 101.8 FM

    CROSS RHYTHMS | Christian Radio Online, Christian Music, TV, Internet and Festival

  • Logo of radio station Gospel4Grampian


    G4G Broadcasts according to the UK Clock time which is (GMT and BST depending on the time of year). G4G broadcasts 24 hours every day and offers a wide variety of music for all tastes and preferences so please tune in any time.

  • Logo of radio station Hope FM 90.1

    Hope FM 90.1

    Bournemouth's first community radio station

  • Logo of radio station Lutheran Radio - LRUK

    Lutheran Radio - LRUK

    "All about Christ and to all God's People"

  • Logo of radio station Radio 4 Living

    Radio 4 Living

    Radio 4 Living

  • Logo of radio station Radio Ikhlas

    Radio Ikhlas

    The Voice Of Sincerity

  • Logo of radio station Radio Misericordia

    Radio Misericordia

    Radio Misericordia

  • Logo of radio station Revival 100.8 FM

    Revival 100.8 FM

    Revival FM is a Christian based community radio station in Scotland, operating under a Community Radio Licence.

  • Logo of radio station Sacred Music Radio

    Sacred Music Radio

    Sacred Music Radio is an internet radio station specifically designed to showcase the many varieties of sacred music from around the world. Our vision was inspired by Hazrat Inayat Khan, who was given the task by his teacher to “unite East and West in the harmony of your music”. We can all be inspired by sacred music, whatever religion we practice, if any. Our aim is to promote harmony between the spiritual traditions of the world by promoting this genre of music and as a result encouraging peace through music. To quote from the Academy of Sacred Music “……….sacred music – one of the primary channels of beauty – has been relegated, to some degree, to the cultural sidelines, particularly in Western Europe. Academy of Sacred Music is therefore embracing the challenge of re-opening this vast, untapped, treasury of beauty to a new generation.”

  • Logo of radio station Spectrum


    Spectrum Radio is the only multi ethnic foreign language Station in UK ethnic radio. From the global capital of the world, Spectrum Radio is the broadcast platform promoting London ethnic identity at home and abroad and ethnic minorities in ethnic radio.

  • Logo of radio station

    A Gospel Internet Radio

  • Logo of radio station Sukh Sagar Radio

    Sukh Sagar Radio

    SukhSagar Radio

  • Logo of radio station TWR Trans World Radio UK

    TWR Trans World Radio UK

    Within the context of TWRs worldwide work, TWR-UK has the following aims: •To broadcast Christian programmes, and provide transmission and follow-up services for itself & others •To make quality programmes for teaching and outreach, and to encourage oth

  • Logo of radio station The Saint 94.7 FM

    The Saint 94.7 FM

    Maldon District's True Local Radio

  • Logo of radio station UCB Bible

    UCB Bible

    Changing Lives For Good

  • Logo of radio station UCB Extra

    UCB Extra

    Positively Alternative

  • Logo of radio station UCB Gospel

    UCB Gospel

    Changing Lives For Good

  • Logo of radio station UCB Inspirational

    UCB Inspirational

    Changing Lives For Good