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ChroniX Radio, it isn't just radio, it's an experience. ChroniX Radio, LLC, home of ChroniX Aggression Radio, ChroniX Metal Radio, ChroniX GRIT Radio and ChroniX Metal Masters. Based out of Denver, Colorado, ChroniX Radio, LLC is the leader in aggressive hard rock and metal radio station formats on the internet since 1999. Created by internet radio veteran Sean Rom and Rockie Thomas. ChroniX Radio continues to promote bands that are otherwise seldom heard on the FM band or satellite radio. Last but not least our volunteers, we couldn't do it without them. ChroniX Radio has Music webcasts, Entertainment, Videos, Audio, Interviews, Podcasts, Forums, community, Chat, Now Playing information and Requests. We play everything from Metal, Alternative Metal, Hard Rock, Alternative, Nu Metal, Metalcore, Death Metal, Black Metal, moshcore, we have a wide variety available and something for everyone. If you find a channel doesn't work for you too loud or soft you can tone it down or turn it up.