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Founded by Pastor Guzman Severino, he started in 2002, first called the truth 90.7 FM and the following year gave the award to be a commercial station, nonprofit. It is a Christian radio station dedicated to reaching all users (as) a practical and transforming message transmitted through each programming 24 hours a day providing the basic principles of the Bible. Currently the signal extends as far west as Sabana de Parra Chivacoa heights. On the north border Falcon-Lara. Southward to Rio Claro have low signal and the East to Carora. Are the specific areas that the signal covers quality service. According to Guzman (2010) who stated that FM 100.7 The Truth "is a means of interactive, participatory communication, integral and non-profit, close to families and communities through telephone lines schedules and willing to assist you promptly and enthusiastically.