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Maximum Threshold is a hard rock/metal and sometimes comedy show dedicated to presenting up and coming hard rock bands, current successful bands as well as brings you some of the biggest names in the music industry every week for interviews. Everything from Rock Stars to Comedians to Actors and others. MTRS developed from the show UNN or Uncensored Net Noise. Domonic would do the music news and reviews over there and had so much music news left over that he was forced to get the information out there. With the help of Dan they came up with the premise and the name for Maximum Threshold. The show grew from what was to be a place only to hang out and talk music news but to also network with others who share the same vision. Well MT's fast success in garnishing major talent to the show took the show to a new level, thus the development of the 24/7 MTRN or Maximum Threshold Radio Network spawned from it. MTRN has brought on board some of the net's best music shows and comedy shows.