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  • Your Sweetness Is My Weakness_7PA7YHW9tJ4

    Barry White

  • I've Got So Much To Give_PvfH65Sn_EA

    The Incomparable Barry White

  • Barry White - Love Serenade_bA1vYeK8Who

    The Incomparable Barry White

  • Ariana Grande - god is a woman (Lyrics)_Cf6cR6Nve70

    Ariana Grande

  • I've Learned To Respect The Power Of Love YouTube_p_PJAljyx94

    15 Stephanie Mills



  • Curtis Mayfield - Give Me Your Love

    Curtis Mayfield

  • ELOISE LAWS - Someone Who Still Needs Me

    Eloise Laws

  • Willie Hutch - Since I found you

    Willie Hutch

  • Mighty Love

    Chris Willis