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Sangeet Samvaad, a 24x7 Internet radio channel dedicated to the Indian classical music, was launched on 26 April 2020 on the auspicious occasion of Akshya Trutiya as an open forum for vocalists and instrumentalists willing to reach out to fans all over the world. Sangeet Samvaad is open to all talented artists, including vocalists, instrumentalists, and musicians. Artists willing to reach out to fans around the world will have to send their recordings along with a brief introduction about them to us on We will arrange to broadcast it worldwide. Many well-known artists from all over India and abroad have already made their recordings available without any expectation and we would like to thank all these artists heartily on behalf of all the fans. Sangeet Samvaad has crossed the milestone of 100,000 listeners within mere three and a half months and is now looking forward to engaging with audiences in different and innovative ways apart from daily music broadcast.