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  • Anomaly

    Jackie's Boy (Georgia, USA)

  • Red Cup

    Wiz Kid The Weirdo (Georgia, USA)

  • Barracuda (Produced by John Mitchelle, and Written by Crystal Starr/John Mitchelle)

    Crystal Starr (USA)

  • Stokin (Produced by Obrian and Written by Reginald Barnes)

    Sanger Boy (USA)

  • Crook (Produced by GT and Written by DedFreSh)

    DedFreSh (College Park, USA)

  • Alone (I Can Hear)

    Vintage Blue

  • Make You Love Me (Produced and Written by Rome Alexander)

    Rome Alexander (USA)

  • High Desires (FREESTYLE)

    St33ze (USA) Formerly known as CJay CaLi

  • UOENO Freestyle

    Rad Chazz (New York, USA)

  • That Is What Kept My Heart Alive (Produced by Stephen Short and Written by Ian Ash)

    Ian and The Dream (Milwuakee, USA)