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Remember back in the day when Hip Hop was about hanging with your people, partying, blazin a J, and having a good time? The Hip Hop Lounge is bringing those feelings back to you. Sit back, tune in to our live radio and take a journey to Hip Hop's golden days. For you youngins that don't remember the golden days, sit back and take notes on what real hip hop sounds like. The Hip Hop Lounge was founded in 1999 and began broadcasting in 2001. The website has gone through many revisions over the years, but one thing has remained the same... We have been playing the best hip hop for over a decade. The Hip Hop Lounge was nominated as the best internet Hip Hop Radio Station 5 years in a row by our listeners between 2003 and 2007. The success of the on demand music services (pandora, spotify, etc...) and the implementation of the DMCA by congress has diminished our popularity over the years, but we have survived where others have been forced to shutdown.