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Tianjin People's Broadcasting Station (Radio Tianjin), established in 1949, has underdone half a century's fast growth and is now ranked as one of the most influential local broadcasting station.   So far, Radio Tianjin has developed seven channels, focusing on news, economy, entertainment, music, transportation, and daily life respectively, and on May, 8, 2002, a new channel--Binhai Station-- has joined the team. All these channels function together to make the broadcasting programs of Radio Tianjin a coherent whole. They share the same comprehensive information source and a central disc base of 200,000 discs of music and sound effects. On the other hand, each channel has produced their own feature programs and target audience groups, catering for the taste of listeners from different fields. In order to gather response from listeners and improve its programs, Radio Tianjin contrives its own program assessment system, which demonstrates its function periodically.