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WSDP is the student-operated radio station owned by the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park in Canton, Michigan. As of December 31, 2011, WSDP positions itself as The New 88.1. WSDP is operated out of Salem High School and has been in operation since February 14, 1972. On December 31, 2011, WSDP switched its format from alternative rock as 88.1 The Escape to Hot Adult Contemporary as "The New 88.1, Plymouth and Canton's Hit Music." The station also announced a contest to name the new station, in which the winner would receive a $100 gas card. The former "88.1 The Escape" specialized in playing independent alternative rock artists not played on any mainstream commercial station in the area. Special programs heard on WSDP showcased classic rock, electronica, jazz, blues, contemporary Christian and other musical genres. One highlight of the WSDP schedule was "Static Age", a punk/psychobilly show that featured local bands from the Ann Arbor/Detroit, MI Area.