• Round Table China

    Round Table is the premiere English talk show that debates issues affecting China. The show shines with its three hosts who come from diverse backgrounds and offer bold as well as researched discussion on some of the hottest topics headlining in China and around the world.

  • The Beijing Hour

    Breaking news, business reports, up-to-date sports, and hottest entertainment happenings, from the unique Chinese perspective.

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  • Headline News

    We keep you up to date with latest news happening in China and around the world. Updated twice a day at 10 AM and 10 PM Beijing time.

  • World Today

    With in-depth panel discussions on domestic and global news and current affairs, Today gives you the story behind the headlines.

  • Special English

    The world is changing fast, but you can learn it at a slower pace. 时尚美音,优雅英音,听新闻,学英语。(每周一、周二更新)

  • Biz Today

    Biz Today brings you insight into the day's financial markets and in-depth discussion on what's driving the Chinese and global economies.

  • Takeaway Chinese

    A 25-minute weekly Chinese language teaching show which covers the most frequently used Chinese words and expressions, dialogues, language tips, and stories behind the idioms. 《随行汉语》:每周25分钟的中文教学栏目,囊括最常用实用的汉语表达,探讨中国语言与社会文化,以及趣味故事。

  • The Point with Liu Xin

    The Point with Liu Xin comments on global news through Liu Xin's very own unique perspective. With two decades of experience as a news anchor and overseas correspondent, Liu Xin has an engaging and personal style.

  • A Thousand Whys

    Answers to 'what are the Chinese ways and why?'

  • Music Talks

    Feast your ears on the musical classics of the east with MUSIC TALKS, the Middle Kingdom’s mashup of classical music and in-depth discussions with some of China’s most celebrated orchestral professionals. Experience the instruments, get some perspective, feel the pulse of antiquity.

  • The Top Story

    Because your time matters, "The Top Story" will focus on the biggest news stories of the day that no one can miss. You'll hear the why and the how for a stronger understanding of all the top events that occur in China and around the world. Subscribe to gain a competitive advantage in preparing yourself for the news events that shape our lives and our future.

  • Footprints

    Walk in the shoes of people who journey afar to embrace their dreams. Listen to thought-provoking perspectives and conversations while getting a candid glance into life in China.

  • Buzz Today

    Buzz Today brings you the day's news that has the world buzzing...and what it means for China's evolving influence around the globe. Monday through Friday.

  • Studio Plus

    Studio Plus is a daily talk show that discusses matters on Chinese society, science, economy and culture, as well as international events and stories. With local hosts and others from English speaking countries, the show brings diverse opinion, fun, and light-hearted insight to listeners around the world.

  • My China Story

    My China Story delivers first-hand anecdotes from expats in China.

  • Chinese Folk Tales

    Embark on great audio adventures with a rich collection of Chinese folk legends and historical tales.

  • Confucius’ Wisdom

    CONFUCIUS’ WISDOM: LEARN TO BE A WORLD CLASS LEADER interprets leadership principles contained in the Analects of Confucius from the perspective of modern people and combines critical thinking skills promoted in the Analects of Confucius with modern leadership.

  • My Stories of Chinese Characters

    "My Stories of Chinese Characters" is hosted by Uncle Hanzi, an American who has studied Chinese characters for 30 years. He will tell the stories behind Chinese characters in this ten-episode series, which will show how the Chinese live their daily lives and how they have preserved the culture for centuries.

  • Why We Love the Tang Dynasty

    Exploring the history and charm of the Tang Dynasty, and attempting to discover how, at its height, it became possibly the most prosperous, inter-connected and innovative country in the world, with a rich and influential legacy that survives even to this day.

  • Encounters

    Through one-on-one dialogue, ENCOUNTERS offers you an opportunity to hear from people living interesting lives intertwined with China. Discover their stories and find out how they are shaping the world we're living in.

  • Why We Love the Song Dynasty

    Exploring the history and charm of one of China’s most fascinating dynasties. Meeting its rulers, artists, poets and people in the streets. Discovering its artistic, social and scientific treasures that have shaped the way we all live today.

  • 200 Years of Surgery

    Who are we? What really controls our bodies? Hidden inside our beautiful universe are the deepest secrets of the human body. Man has been exploring it to get a clearer view of how it works since ancient times, opening the door to this forbidden zone and working accurately in this tiny space.

  • Coronavirus: What's REALLY Going On

    This podcast brings you facts you should know about the novel coronavirus. We'll give you the stories and voices behind the numbers, the opinions and actions, and the concerns and solutions related to the battle against the epidemic. Follow us in this global anti-virus war!

  • Selfie

    Capturing images of people across China, exploring its ever-changing lifestyles, and feeling the heartbeat of its villages, towns, and cities. -- This is “Selfie”, giving you real life stories in China.

  • Tides from the West

    Chiang Monglin (1886-1964) was president of Peking University in the 1930s. Via this book, readers can relive the quiet village life of his childhood, the fast-changing urban life of his teen years and the impact of his growing awareness of Western thought, and the years of studying abroad that would shape his thinking. This takes place against the background of the end of dynastic rule in China and the country's transition into a republic, a journey full of social change, conflict, and war.

  • My Stories of Chinese Porcelain

    Porcelain, also called Chinese ceramics, is one of humanity's most ancient inventions. The stories behind this unique and exquisite material are fascinating, detailing how it made its way across the globe and gave the modern world the word "china". Follow the stories told by a well-known Chinese porcelain expert to learn more about these timeless masterpieces borne from the creativity of ancient China.

  • Beijing Calling

    Taste the urban vibe of contemporary China, here with Beijing Calling.

  • The Spirit of the Chinese People

    "The Spirit of the Chinese People" was published in 1915 by Malaysian-Chinese scholar Gu Hongming. This essay collection is considered to be the first work in modern China to introduce Chinese people to westerners. Although the opinions seem dated, the book offers interesting insights into the impact of Confucianism on the Chinese people and culture.

  • The Sound of Salt Forming

    Written by Chinese writers born in the 1980s, this collection of short stories offers a unique insight into the Chinese society, especially the youth. It is a great way of diving deep into the minds of the Chinese urban dwellers and understanding their personal and social dilemmas.

  • Howzit China

    Want a one-stop shop in learning more about China? Then this is the podcast for you. From the food & the Forbidden City, to having a ball in Beijing! Howzit China focuses on China's history in South Africa, cuisine, language, opportunities in China for South Africans, opportunities for China in SA & more..

  • Decoding the Art of War

    Decoding the Art of War provides the fun stories and historical contexts of the world-renowned Chinese strategy book to help you master the age-old wisdom and put it into practice. Follow this podcast so you no longer need to pretend you've read it.

  • Dark Studio

    Light a candle, lock your doors, and listen in on The Middle Kingdom's most renowned and celebrated storyteller of the supernatural. Considered by many as the originator of the horror genre in China, Dark Studio depicts classical stories that have been loosely adapted from the legendary author Pu Songling and retold with a Hollywood flair. Program Director: Zhang Wan Program Editor : Xiaoyu Wang Writer & Narrator : T.J Reid Program Producers : Xiaoyu Wang, T.J Reid

  • Two Years in the Forbidden City

    "Two Years in the Forbidden City" is a book written by Princess Der Ling, who was the renowned Lady-in-waiting to the Empress Dowager Cixi in the early 20th century. Though Empress Dowager Cixi is a household name, Der Ling's point of view offers a quite unique and surprisingly intimate portrayal of the Empress and Beijing's Imperial Palace in China's last feudal dynasty. http://chinaplus.cri.cn/podcast

  • Chords of China

    Exploring music from 9,000 years ago to modern times, “Chords of China” features the history and culture of Chinese musical instruments. Each episode highlights a classical Chinese instrument, which carries the values of the Chinese culture. Touch the soul of melody, having more than nine millenniums of wisdom inspire you.

  • Illuminating Chinese Classics

    “Illuminating Chinese Classics” shares with you some of the stories behind Chinese history and culture, and the Chinese language. In each short episode, we unpack the meaning of a piece of classic Chinese text, and talk about how it relates to life in China today.

  • Ink & Quill

    Love reading yet lost in plenty of literary podcasts out there? Look no further! The weekly program Ink is the hotchpotch you are looking for. Produced by bibliophiles from CRI English, the podcast connects you with literature, culture and writers in China and around the globe. A fun ride into the literary world, Ink blends news, book reviews, Q , panel discussions and feature stories, giving the listeners insight into writers' visions.

  • Language Café


  • The Business of China

    Veteran journalists Doug Young and Paul James take their over 25-years of combined experience living and working in China to the podcast realm in The Business of China. The two find unique and compelling stories taking place in China, discussing the impact they have on the economics and other aspects of life in China.

  • Deep Dive: Talks with Chinese Internationals

    They're Chinese, but they're also internationals. They have learned from the world and in return, they have made great contributions of their own. If you'd like to meet some of them, check in with our podcast series, "Deep Dive – Talks with Chinese Internationals."