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    Irish Times Books

    Podcast by Book Club Podcast

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    Rai radio 3

    La letteratura, il cinema, il teatro, la musica, i viaggi: alla radio e sui social.

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    Public Display of Imagination

    This podcast features the creative minds of some of the best storytellers to ever leave ink on the …

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    The Lackadaisical Writer

    Indie author Sherelle Winters shares her ups, downs, and in-betweens of her writing and publishing …

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    ThankBookFor's tracks

    Podcasts and events celebrating all things book-related, including libraries, bookshops, writers, r…

  • Logo of the podcast Fragen an den Autor

    Fragen an den Autor

    Die traditionsreichste Sachbuchsendung im deutschen Sprachraum stellt seit über 50 Jahren jeweils ein Buch eines Autors eine Stunde lang im Gespräch vor. Die Themen reichen von Politik und Wirtschaft bis zu Gesundheit, Erziehung oder Psychologie.

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    «BuchZeichen» macht Lust aufs Lesen, ist Rettungsring im Büchermeer und bietet gute und intelligente Unterhaltung. «Buchzeichen» stellt Autoren und Büchermenschen vor, erzählt Geschichten aus und über Bücher oder gräbt Perlen aus: Vom Bestseller über die Sportlerbiographie, vom Reisebericht bis zum Klassiker hat alles Platz.

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    Eine kurze literarische Geschichte für ein breites Publikum, die die Hörerinnen und Hörer für einen Moment aus der Alltagshektik herausholt und in der Phantasie nachwirkt. Inhalt und Thema setzen bewusst einen Kontrast zur Aktualität. Die Geschichten werden vom Autor bzw. der Autorin selber erzählt.

  • Logo of the podcast Such Stuff: The Shakespeare's Globe Podcast

    Such Stuff: The Shakespeare's Globe Podcast

    Such Stuff goes behind the scenes at Shakespeare's Globe, sharing the incredible stories and experiences that come through our doors every day. We'll be exploring the big themes behind all of the work that we do here and asking: what is Shakespeare's transformative impact on the world?

  • Logo of the podcast Tagebuch eines Pfarrers

    Tagebuch eines Pfarrers

    Hans Spiegl (56) ist evangelischer Pfarrer in Mistelbach, Österreich email: pfarrer.evang.mistelbach(@)

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    taller del gnomo podcast

    taller del gnomo podcast

  • Logo of the podcast Tartuffe de Molière

    Tartuffe de Molière

    Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, known by his stage name Molière, was a French playwright and actor who is considered to be one of the greatest masters of comedy in Western literature. Among Molière's best-known works is Tartuffe or The Hypocrite, written in 1664. Though Tartuffe was received well by the public and even by Louis XIV, its popularity was lessened when the Archbishop of Paris issued an edict threatening excommunication for anyone who watched, performed in, or read the play.Tartuffe, a pious fraud who pretends to speak with divine authority, has insinuated himself into the household of Orgon. When Orgon announces that his daughter Mariane is to marry Tartuffe instead of her fiance Valère, the rest of the family realizes the extent of Tartuffe's influence over Orgon.

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    Teatro Sem Fios

    Novos autores e dramaturgias

  • Logo of the podcast The Classic Tales Podcast

    The Classic Tales Podcast

    The Classic Tales Podcast

  • Logo of the podcast Thesaurus Librorum

    Thesaurus Librorum

    Der Hörbuch-Podcast

  • Logo of the podcast The Book Is On The Radio

    The Book Is On The Radio

    La voce di Aldo Rock e i suoni di Dj Aladyn, la notte tra domenica e lunedì (dalle 00.00 alle 00.30), ci raccontano una storia legata a un libro.

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    The Book Club

    The Book Club is a podcast from the avid readers at Magic Radio. You'll hear interviews with authors about their latest books – from fiction to baking, tales of real-life adventure and guides to living a better life.

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    The Guardian Australia: Culture Podcast

    The Guardian Australia's culture team are often joined by performers, writers, musicians, and artists of every form. They discuss the news, trends, events and everything else which encompass Australia’s incredible culture

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    The Podge Cast

    The Podge Cast

  • Logo of the podcast The Podcast of Surprise (The Witcher)

    The Podcast of Surprise (The Witcher)

    A deep dive into Andrzej Sapkowski's The Witcher book series and Netflix's adaptation of it. Support this podcast: