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    The Nobody Zone

    In a forgotten London underworld, a homeless Irishman kills multiple times without detection, unseen in a world where nobody seems to care. A true crime series from RTÉ in Ireland and Third Ear in Denmark.

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    Crime World

    Crime World, with Nicola Tallant, is a weekly Iri…

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    stern Crime - Spurensuche

    Wie überführt man einen Mörder? Warum werden Menschen zu Tätern? Und welche Abgründe können in jedem von uns stecken? Im stern-Crime-Podcast „Spurensuche“ helfen Ermittler und Spezialisten, das auf den ersten Blick Unbegreifliche begreiflich zu machen. Bei ihrer Arbeit geht es guten Kriminalisten nicht um Rechtfertigungen, sondern um Erklärungen. Nicht um Verständnis, sondern ums Verstehen. „Denn genauso wenig wie ein Herzinfarkt durch die eine letzte Zigarette ausgelöst wird, geschehen auch Verbrechen nicht plötzlich und grundlos aus einer einzigen unglücklichen Situation heraus“, sagt zum Beispiel die Gerichtsgutachterin Hanna Ziegert. Und der Fallanalyst Alexander Horn erzählt: „Wir versuchen nicht, wie Mörder oder Serienkiller zu denken, wir versuchen nur, ihr Handeln nachzuvollziehen.“ CRIME-Redaktionsleiter Giuseppe di Grazia und seine Kollegen Andrea Ritter, Nicolas Büchse und Bernd Volland treffen im Wechsel für den Podcast "Spurensuche" [...]

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    Tell Me Mord

    'Tell Me Mord' ist ein internationaler True Crime Podcast von Meli und Phuxi. Wir als absolute True Crime Fans haben uns zusammen getan und wollen mit euch über spannende Kriminalfälle aus aller Welt sprechen. Es werden Theorien besprochen, die Psyche der Mörder ergründet und das alles mit einer kleinen Prise schwarzem Humor. Von A bis Z hangeln wir uns durch die Fälle und hoffen euch mitreißen zu können! Folgt uns gerne auf Instagram (tellmemordpodcast) für Bilder und Updates. Wir freuen uns auf euch!

  • Logo of the podcast The Clearing

    The Clearing

    When April Balascio was 40 years old, something she’d feared for decades was finally proven true. Her father, Edward Wayne Edwards, really was a murderer. The Clearing is about what came after April called a detective in 2009 to tell him about her suspicions — a call that led to her father’s arrest and eventual conviction on multiple murders — and tracks the emotional journey as she and host Josh Dean dig back into her childhood, unravel the truth of her father’s life, and overturn a viral online narrative that had turned Edward Wayne Edwards into a kind of serial killer caricature. Produced by Pineapple Street Media in association with Gimlet.

  • Logo of the podcast The Fall Line

    The Fall Line

    An investigative, narrative, and revealing show focused on the cold cases of Southeastern communities who experience marginalization. Hosted by a professor and licensed therapist, The Fall Line gives a platform to families and victims who have been passed over by mainstream media.

  • Logo of the podcast The Kill List

    The Kill List

    When human rights activist Karima Baloch is found drowned off the shores of Toronto, an investigation into her mysterious death leads all the way back to Pakistan, the country she had recently fled. In this six-part series, host Mary Lynk explores the rampant abductions and killings of dissidents in Pakistan, the dangers that follow those who flee to the West, and a terrifying intelligence agency with tentacles around the globe. How did Karima die? And would Pakistan really carry out an assassination far beyond its borders? This is a story that a powerful state doesn’t want you to know. Early access to the The Kill List will be available to Canadian audiences via CBC Listen. For listeners outside of Canada, episodes will be available early and ad-free when you subscribe to the CBC True Crime Premium channel on Apple Podcasts.

  • Logo of the podcast The Letter

    The Letter

    In August of 1996, longtime friends on the verge of adulthood - Zachary Snarr and Yvette Rodier - headed into the mountains a few miles from their Salt Lake City homes, where they planned to spend the evening taking pictures of the rising full moon. But a 19-year-old stranger carrying a gun happened across them, changing dozens of lives with one fateful decision. The crime sent shockwaves through the community that continued to reverberate long after the media turned its attention to other tragedies. But no one expected what came next - The Letter. From KSL Podcasts (Cold), Lemonada Media (Believe Her) and Workhouse Media.

  • Logo of the podcast The Line

    The Line

    In 2018, a group of Navy SEALs broke ranks and accused their chief, Eddie Gallagher, of murder—sucking them all into the biggest war crimes trial in a generation. Did a Navy SEAL cross the line in Iraq? Dan Taberski (“Running from COPS”) takes you inside that courtroom for the first time, peeling back the curtain on how America wages its wars now and revealing the story that the media covering the trial blew right past. Through intimate conversations with over 50 special operators, the series explores just how blurred the line between right and wrong has become in the forever wars—and what that’s doing to the hearts and minds of those we send to fight them. An Apple Original podcast produced by JigSaw Productions. Listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts.

  • Logo of the podcast The Missing

    The Missing

    Can you help find ‘The Missing?’ Hosted by journalist Pandora Sykes, The Missing looks into the cases of the long-term missing and asks you, the listener, to help. Brought to you in association with charities Locate International and Missing People, every week we explore a different case, hear original interviews with family and friends, and ask the questions that need to be answered. Where did they go? What happened to them? And does anyone listening have any information? In the UK alone, a person is reported missing every 90 seconds. In this series, we ask you to become part of the search. With your help, some of these cases could be solved. The Missing is a Podimo podcast series exclusive to Amazon Music. It is produced by What’s The Story Sounds. To learn more or if you have information on any of the cases covered in the podcast, please visit . All ten episodes of The Missing are available to stream now on Amazon Music.

  • Logo of the podcast The Opportunist

    The Opportunist

    The Opportunist tells true stories of regular people who turn sinister simply by being opportunistic. How does an everyday person turn into a thief, a cult leader, or a scammer? Instead of portraying criminals as distinctly “other,” we explore our similarities and reveal the dark potential lurking inside of all of us. The Opportunist will launch with an episodic series on Sherry Shriner, a midwest mom and life-long churchgoer turned internet cult leader. Hosted by Hannah Smith, the series follows Sherry as she gains thousands of followers online by promoting her own religion (a blend of biblical doomsday predictions and popular alien/reptilian conspiracy theories) and profits on selling spiritual weapons that defeat aliens and demons. As she rises to the status of infallible goddess, she leaves a trail of death and destruction in her wake. We speak with family & friends of deceased cult members, prosecutors, police officers, a high profile cult expert and more. [...]

  • Logo of the podcast The Score: Bank Robber Diaries

    The Score: Bank Robber Diaries

    14 months. 30 Banks. An all-access pass into the mind of one of Southern California’s most prolific bank robbers. On the show, Joe Loya - the so-called “Beirut Bandit” - reveals his story of transformation from abusive childhood to prolific bank robber, violent convict, ex-con, writer and ultimately, a reconciled son. Produced by Peabody-Award winning podcaster Ben Adair (The Sterling Affairs, Dr. Death, Reveal) at Western Sound in partnership with Acast Studios.

  • Logo of the podcast The Storyteller: Violent Delights

    The Storyteller: Violent Delights

    Following on from the smash-hit success of Series One of The Storyteller: Murder Most Foul, comes Series Two - Violent Delights. In this one-case deep dive, Isla Traquair returns to Scotland to investigate a true-crime Shakespearean tragedy involving a beautiful young housemaid to the Royal Family who is swept off her feet by a charismatic Prince Charming and ends up in the dock accused of murder. Her trial alongside two co-accused was the most sensational case in Scottish history with the twists and turns of a complicated love story that went very wrong.

  • Logo of the podcast The Thing About Helen & Olga

    The Thing About Helen & Olga

    Helen and Olga are kindly old ladies who open their hearts and wallets to down-and-out men in Los Angeles. In a city named for angels, the two women seem heaven-sent. After one of the men is killed by a hit-and-run driver -- and then another suffers the same fate -- investigators uncover a horrifying and twisted plot that stuns even the most seasoned detectives. All six episodes of this chilling podcast from Keith Morrison and Dateline are available now.

  • Logo of the podcast The Trials of Frank Carson

    The Trials of Frank Carson

    From Christopher Goffard, the Los Angeles Times reporter and host behind the hit podcasts “Dirty John” and “Detective Trapp,” comes a new eight-episode true crime podcast, “The Trials of Frank Carson.” “The Trials of Frank Carson” is a story of power, politics and the law in California’s Central Valley. Frank Carson was Stanislaus County’s most controversial defense attorney, a wizard with juries and a courtroom brawler with an unapologetically caustic style. He racked up legal wins for decades. He was the terror of police and prosecutors, often accusing them personally of corruption. When a small-time thief disappeared, police — some of them Carson’s longtime adversaries — launched a massive investigation into a spectral underworld of street hustlers, junkies and snitches. Carson was charged with murder, accused of masterminding a conspiracy [...]

  • Logo of the podcast Tom Brown's Body

    Tom Brown's Body

    In 2016, a popular high school senior mysteriously disappeared on the night before Thanksgiving. His remains were found two years later. What happened to Tom Brown in the small town of Canadian, Texas that night? It seems everyone in town’s become a suspect, including Tom’s family, friends, the local sheriff, and a high-flying private investigator. Acclaimed writer Skip Hollandsworth digs into the mystery that’s torn this town apart in this eight-part true crime podcast series. From the Texas Monthly team behind “Boomtown”—a popular eleven-part podcast series about the culture and economy of the West Texas oil fields—“Tom Brown’s Body” launches September 29 and is the first narrative podcast series from Hollandsworth.

  • Logo of the podcast Tracce


    Ogni azione porta a una conseguenza e non c'è nulla che non si possa ricostruire. Che sia un efferato omicidio o una brutale aggressione, la scena di un crimine ha sempre molto da raccontare per chi sa leggere le tracce.

  • Logo of the podcast TRUE CRIME - Tödliche Verbrechen

    TRUE CRIME - Tödliche Verbrechen

    War es Mord oder nur ein tragischer Unfall? Wer sagt die Wahrheit, wer lügt? Und gibt es ihn eigentlich - den perfekten Mord? In unserer neuen Staffel sprechen BAYERN 3 Moderatorin Jacqueline Belle und Strafverteidiger und Bestsellerautor Dr. Alexander Stevens über tödliche Verbrechen und mörderische Absichten. Auch diesmal sind alle Fälle wieder wirklich passiert.

  • Logo of the podcast True Crime Podcast: Wahre Verbrechen

    True Crime Podcast: Wahre Verbrechen

    Hallo und herzlich willkommen. Das ist mein Podcast über „Wahre Verbrechen“. Mysteriös, schockierend, unglaublich! Hier hörst du die spannendsten Kriminalfälle aus Vergangenheit und Gegenwart. Dieser Podcast führt uns in die dunkelsten Abgründe des menschlichen Seins. Wann ist ein Mord, ein Mord? Kann jeder zum Täter werden? Unsolved - Welche neuen Ermittlungsmöglichkeiten haben wir für unaufgeklärte Morde? Wie haben Verbrechen unser heutiges Rechtssystem geprägt und verändert? Das Leben schreibt die erschreckendsten Geschichten und einige dieser Geschichten hörst du hier. Ich bin Alex. Kein Journalist, kein Forensiker, nur ein junger Mann der irgendwie nicht die Finger von „Wahre(n) Verbrechen“ lassen kann. Recherche, Pre- und Postproduction, Host: Alex Wenn dir mein Podcast gefällt, dann schreibe gerne eine Bewertung und abonniere den Podcast! [...]

  • Logo of the podcast True Story

    True Story

    True Story er danske kriminalhistorier fra den virkelige verden. En god blanding af True Crime, dokumentar og historiefortælling. Sagerne er genfortællinger af virkelige danske kriminalsager, som de har været beskrevet i andre medier. Af hensyn til diskretion kan visse navne være ændret og detaljer være udeladt. Produceret, redigeret og fortalt af Martin Hylander. Musik: